Lihpao Land

Lihpao Land is a recreation center that offers a combination of leisure, resort, amusement, racing and exhibition. It has Taiwan’s largest water park and amusement park, the five-star Fulong Hotels and Resorts, Go kart race track of international standard, and the latest landmark in Central Taiwan, Sky Dream the ferris wheel.

Another attraction of Lihpao Land is its Italian-style outlet mall inspired by the romantic Italian town, Portofino. You can find an abundance of international brands, an exclusive Hokkaido ramen street, pharmacy, and many more stores in this exotic shopping environment. Mala Bay, Lihpao’s Water Park is open only in summer. As for the theme amusement park, you must try the thrilling rollercoaster and many other exciting rides

Yuemei Tourism Sugar Factory

Yuemei Tourism Sugar Factory was built in the Japanese colonial period. It has an under-chimney tunnel that can be found nowhere else in Taiwan. Tourists can enter the tunnel originally used for smoke ventilation and find traces of WWII.

The tourism area across from the employee’s cafeteria is a newly established attraction where visitors can take a stroll around a fountain and a white bridge. The roofed corridor at the end of the bridge is where a collection of daily objects and farming tools of Taiwan’s early days are exhibited. On the other side is the sales center where visitors can buy Taiwan Sugar Corporation products.

Wufen Station used for sugar transport was preserved. Visitors can learn about the production of sugar on guided tours in the century-old sugar plant. Last but not least, you must try some sugar factory popsicles of traditional flavors before you mark an end to your visit.

Carpenter Woodcraft Studio

Carpenter Woodcraft Studio nearby Houli Horse Ranch in Houli District tells a touching story. To prevent father’s lifetime effort from going to waste, a brother and a sister decided to inherit their father’s woodcraft business by transforming traditional woodcraft into a fun experience for all. Passing down their father’s 26-year fine craftsmanship, the second generation carpenters introduced new elements to woodcrafts and created innovative wood furnitures, stationery, appliances, lamps and toys.

In addition to factory tours, the Carpenter Woodcraft Studio also offers DIY workshops that allow kids and adults to create unique souvenirs in a safe and comfortable setting. Also, there is a vegetable farm and play area for kids in the city to experience rural fun as they also learn about nature and woodcraft.

Houli Horse Ranch

Houli Horse Ranch is the government- operated one with the longest history as well as quite good standard in Taiwan. It was established in 1952 and subordinated to the stallion ranch owned by the Ministry of National Defense R.O.C., aiming to improve, breed the species of horses to meet the military and civil uses, and further continue the national army ranger system. As time goes by, Houli Horse Ranch is a recreational ranch nowadays. Though with its more modern equipments and multi-uses, it still well maintains the historical buildings and nostalgic atmosphere of the Japanese-ruling era.

Zhongshe Tourism Flower Market

Zhongshe Tourism Flower Market in Houli is a great place for floral lovers. The European-style gardens and sea of flowers that vary at the change of seasons are frequently visited by wedding picture photographers especially. Every year from January to March, tulips and lilies come into full bloom. Aside from the sea of tulips, the market also encompasses a flower viewing area, potted plants area, seasonal flora sea, lotus farm and a cafe where you can enjoy some afternoon tea amidst flourishing flowers.

What's more, from December to April, visitors can experience strawberry-picking. If you are into fruit-picking and flower viewing, Zhongshe is definitely the place to visit.